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    1. Enabling company strategy

    Publicize the company's strategy, serve the strategic objectives, and lead employees to work together.

    2. Enabling enterprise organizational development

    Build talent echelon, establish talent training mechanism and create enterprise talent pool; Promote "professionalization" and "specialization" of employees

    "Skilled" spread positive energy, enhance cohesion and build Huangpu Military Academy for the growth of the company!

    3. Integrate advantageous resources and build enterprise think tanks

    Train high-quality lecturers and establish a systematic curriculum system; The integration of industry, University and research serves China's intelligent manufacturing.

    4. Improve the management level, cultivate technical backbone and cultivate marketing elites

    The core is to cultivate management, technology and marketing talents; Provide brand services for company training.

    Talent and training
    Siyoto attaches great importance to and devotes itself to building a people-oriented corporate culture, creating a people-oriented soft environment and soft power, and focuses on the strategy of paying equal attention to talent introduction and long-term internal training!
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