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    Siyoto VINA Electronics Co., Ltd.   

    1. Project Introduction

    Siyoto VINA Electronics Co., Ltd. Production and Construction Project is invested by Siyoto VINA Electronics Co., Ltd. with the total investment of 200 million yuan. It self-purchased land area covers 30,694 square meters, and the total construction area is about 36,418 square meters.

    The first phase is to start production in March 2022. And the company mainly invests in a three-story reinforced-concrete office building, 4 workshop buildings, dormitory, canteen and all kinds of advanced automatic production and testing equipment to further improve productivity. As a factory mainly manufacturing acoustics and multimedia technology products and short range wireless communication products, it is expected to create about 300 billion yuan annual output value.


    2. Project Progress

    Many project procedures have been completed, like the project registration, environmental impact assessment, fire protection, adjustment of regulatory detailed plan, land supply, construction drawing review, early intervention, construction permission, etc. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 24, 2021, and the project department has been set up. They started infrastructure construction in May. The actual investment (land funds + initial construction fund + purchase of testing equipment) from 2019 to 2021 was more than 30 million yuan, accounting for 15% of total investment plan.


    3. Benefit analysis of project construction to local economic development

    Siyoto VINA Electronics Co., Ltd., established in September 2019, is a manufacturing international enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales located in Zhoushan Industrial District, Phu Ly, Tinh Ha Nam. Right now the company rents workshop for personnel training, accumulate production experience and carry out construction at the same time. It mainly focuses on the production of acoustics and multimedia technology products, short range wireless communication products,  5G network connection products and high-speed transmission connection products. The construction of this project can form complementary advantages with its parent company- Dongguan Siyoto Electronic Co., Ltd, enhance the competitiveness of tariff reduction for international customers (not made in China), and generate great significance to enterprises transformation and upgrading.


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