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    General behavior requirements for employees
    Customer orientation

    Insight into customer needs, provide customers with high-quality products and services, directly or indirectly create value for customers, and continue to satisfy customers. Through  persistent efforts, achieve customers' success and grow together with customers

    Employee Development

    Focus on staff development needs and provide them with growth environment and development platform. Through self-driven, employees gain knowledge, skill and experience in their struggle, create greater value for the company, achieve the company's success, and realize the common growth of the company and employees.

    Integrity and pragmatism

    Integrity and pragmatism are the cornerstone of the company's survival and development, and the style guarantee for enterprises to realize value creation. Employees should keep their promises and loyalty to themselves, colleagues, customers, and partners, while the company should keep its promises and fulfills its responsibilities to employees.Pursue the effectiveness of results, and unswervingly achieve goals.

    Win-win cooperation

    cooperation is the way to achieve goals effectively, and win-win is the result pursued by cooperators. Trust each other, accomplish goals together, and maximize the benefits of both parties or multiple parties through value creation.

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